3D Foam Carving and Commercial Signage

Installation Considerations

When planning for the installation of a 3D sign within a commercial space there are a few considerations that will help facilitate the process. To start, determine sign visibility and sightlines during the design component. How is the sign going to be viewed? The height and angle of intended signage space will impact how the sign should be carved. For example, details on the sign might need to be exaggerated or enhanced in order to be clearly visible. Related to this the average viewing time- will the sign be in a location that people can stop and stare or will it be positioned so that people view it from passing vehicles? Keep in mind that as viewing time increases so too should the level of detail. Location also plays a role in the durability needs of the sign. If it is going to be installed indoors in a temperature controlled environment it will not require the same level of protective coating that a sign exposed to the elements. This is not an area in which to skimp; without the correct protective coating a sign can crack and peel in a short amount of time, leading to costly repairs. Lastly, ensure that the sign is installed correctly, with appropriate installation points and internal supports. With a little bit of planning and preparation you can maximize the return of your investment in a 3D sign and ensure that it has a long and successful installation in your commercial space. 

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