3D Foam Carving and Commercial Signage

Fabrication Options

When it comes to 3D signage it is important to note the difference between 3D letters and a fully 3D sign. 3D lettering is a great way to add a punch of wow to a commercial sign. Generally quick and easy to make, 3D letters can be cut from foam blocks using a hotwire foam cutter or they can be carved using a 3D CNC router. A 3D sign will almost always utilize 3D letters but in addition to this will contain other 3D elements. Perhaps the sign as a whole will be a dimensional piece with objects leaping out of it or the entire sign crafted to resemble a 3D object. Conversely, you might chose to incorporate a single piece of 3D work to emphasize a logo or product image. Regardless, the 3D work will be fabricated on a 3D CNC router which can automatically carve a precise 3D version of any object. For commercial signage one of the great benefits of going 3D is the ability of 3D CNC foam carving technology to replicate any physical object at any scale. This means that product lines or key items that represent a company can be scanned by a 3D scanner and reproduced to exactly resemble that object but at any desired size- a necessary feature for fabricating large 3D signs. Deciding what 3D elements to incorporate into a sign is largely an individual process and depends on both budget and intended audience. However, for signage that seeks to capture consumer interest and create brand excitement, a fully 3D sign is almost always the way to go.

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